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Dealing with the Downturn: Strengthening the B2B Marketing Pipeline

"When times are good, you should advertise; when times are bad, you must advertise."

Marketing during a recession is an absolute necessity. As the saying goes, “When times are good, you should advertise; when times are bad, you must advertise.”

Businesses that survived the 2008 crash understand this all too well, with those investing in marketing during the crunch experiencing 3.5x greater brand visibility than their counterparts. That same brand visibility was the very thing that fueled these businesses out of economic stagnancy.

But when budgets are tight and customer appetite is low, how can you market to customers that are preparing to tighten their purse strings, particularly in a B2B environment?

On October 26th at 14:00 GMT, we tackle B2B marketing strategies for a recession. We’ll discuss how to create campaigns for long pipelines, ensuring multiple touch points for different stakeholders, and discuss how B2B marketing needs to borrow learnings from the B2C market. Speakers include two-time founder and marketing expert Jess Saumarez, Founder and Podcaster Oliver Bruce, B2B marketing expert Jonny Ross and Growth Expert Gwen Brady.

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Jess Saumarez
Chief Commercial Officer at Stephenson Law

Jess is an entrepreneurial digital marketing expert, having previously co-founded two businesses: LUX Rewards and Hedira.

Her most recent work has been within the world of law, a notoriously stuffy and archaic industry in much need of an overhaul. Her work within this field has resulted in a litany of awards for the business, thanks in no small part to her deep understanding of the work required to scale a multi-million business in adverse times.

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Jonathan Ross
Partner Marketing at Strava

Jonny has worked in B2B marketing for over 12 years, building and leading marketing teams in a variety of companies and sectors to drive company growth. He recently joined Strava to build out a global marketing function within their Brand Partnerships team.

He previously led marketing for Runway East, a flexible workspace company; Gradwell, a telecoms provider, and built a marketing function at Beauhurst, a data provider. He also helped build a marketing and creative services function at Portland, a political communications agency.

Born in London, he now lives in Bristol with his wife, two young sons and a very large cat.

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Oliver Bruce
CEO, Founder & Podcaster at PinPoint Media

7 schools, 1 GCSE, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and mild ADHD - Oliver was told he would “never make it to University”. Oliver founded his first business aged 19 from his University halls...

Having overcome these 'challenges' Oliver now runs Content Agency - PinPoint Media. A global, digital-first content agency working across B2B, D2C and B2C brands with offices in London the North and the South West. In 2022 PinPoint Media was ranked as 'top 100 employer'.

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Gwen Brady
Director of Growth at Moo

Gwen Brady is the Director of Growth at MOO, a global online print and design company serving the B2B market. Her acquisition team consists of both performance marketing and global sales. A B2B veteran, Gwen has held a variety of roles  in ecommerce, field marketing/sales enablement, and digital media.