Dealing with the Downturn: Securing Investment in Difficult Times

How can you meet with investor appetite?

Jan 26th | 14:00 GMT

The market is in flux, thanks in no small part to record-breaking inflation rates, staff layoffs, and slashed valuations. For businesses seeking to raise investment, this poses a unique set of challenges. And yet, done right, there are opportunities to be had.

Whether that’s rising to meet your investor’s evolving appetite, or cementing your business as a recession-proof enterprise, there are a number of things you can do as a business to secure a best-case-scenario for investment.

On January 26th at 14:00 GMT we discuss how investment has evolved during the financial flux - and what you need to do to secure the best possible result for your fundraise. Fueled by cautious investors and an evolving market, many startups and scaleups are feeling the pinch when it comes to securing fundraising. As the recession takes hold, startups and scaleups will need to adapt their approach to secure the best possible chance of investment. We’ll discuss what investors are looking for, how the market is behaving, and how to maximise the value of your business. You’ll come away with an overview of the market, and importantly, what your business needs to do to rise to the top.

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Ed Boal
Director and Head of Corporate at Stephenson Law

Ed is a highly versatile technology lawyer, having spent his career advising fast-growth companies on the launch of new products and services. Ed's extensive experience in the world of tech has positioned him as the go-to legal expert for tech disruptors, and his passion for this field has guided a number of businesses through the highs - and the lows.

Clients regard him for his combination of technical expertise and pragmatism. So much so, that Ed was nominated in 2021 as one of Enterprise Nation’s Top 50 Advisers of 2021.


Robert Taylor
Senior Legal Counsel at Octopus Ventures

Robert's experience is phenomenally far-reaching, spanning from corporate transactions to large M&As, right through to seed investment for startups.

Rob is Head of Legal at Octopus Ventures having joined in May 2019. After training and qualifying at Clifford Chance, he moved to Bird & Bird in 2016 to work in the venture capital sector working on both the company and investor side. At Octopus, he works on investments from pre-seed through to series C into start-ups across the deep tech, health tech, consumer, B2B and fintech as well as divestments from the portfolio and formation of the funds from which Octopus invests. 

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Anjel Noorbakhsh
CFA Angel Investor at Ada Ventures

Anjel leads Private Equity research at Aureum. She has over 10 years of financial services experience. She is also an Angel Investor for Ada Ventures.

Anjel started her career at PwC Investment Advisory team and qualified as a CFA charterholder, working on fund analysis, review, and selection with a $1bn AUM institutional investor. Then at ACL Asset Management, worked on c.$50m portfolios of HNWs focusing on investment analysis and execution across public equities and direct investments into start-up.


Nick Cavander
Investment Manager at Creative UK

Nick had accrued over 15 years of experience at Film & TV creative agencies before joining the investment team at Creative UK. He brings with him a deep and first-hand knowledge of TV and Film production that helps him to support screen investment clients with industry insight as well as his financial acumen.

His key industry focusses are TV & Film Production and Gaming. Outside of work, Nick enjoys photography and music.