Dealing with the Downturn: Sales Strategies and Mastering the Art of Persuasion

How do you keep leads coming, when consumer-caution is high?

A recession-proof sales strategy is like gold dust during a financial downturn. But cracking the code is a complex task.

How do you keep valuable leads coming, when consumer-caution is at an all-time high? To make matters more complex, how do you convert those leads, with the knowledge you’re competing against the many other businesses battling against a crisis?

On February 8th, at 14:00 GMT, we tackle the importance of a recession-proof sales strategy. As budgets shrink and needs evolve, converting leads into paying customers will become increasingly difficult. With customer-caution at an all time high, its key businesses holistically consider the relationship between marketing and sales to convert valuable customers. In this webinar we take a two-pronged approach. We discuss sales-strategies for a financial downturn, and outline why a connection between sales and marketing is the key to success. You’ll come away with expert insights on how to keep leads flowing with the economy slows down.

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Hosted by


Jess Saumarez
Director and Chief Commercial Officer

Jess is an entrepreneurial digital marketing expert, having previously co-founded two businesses: LUX Rewards and Hedira.

Her most recent work has been within the world of law, a notoriously stuffy and archaic industry in much need of an overhaul. Her work within this field has resulted in a litany of awards for the business, thanks in no small part to her deep understanding of the work required to scale a multi-million business in adverse times.


Jack Thompson
CXO of BeKindred

Jack believes that Karma applies to business as much as it does to life in general. This means he shares his knowledge and time to help others wherever he can.

As a Business Development Consultant with 15 years experience of consulting at C level he helps his clients to strategically grow their businesses. As a mentor, he supports the next generation of business people to thrive. For many of his clients, large and small, sales feels like a bit of a dark art. He's here to show you that it isn’t. What it is, is part creativity and part science. It needs a strategy, it needs a plan and it needs to be implemented using effective processes. His job is to show you what needs to happen in your business in order for it to grow


Freddie Frith
Head of Sales at Clausematch

Freddie Frith is the Head of Sales at Clausematch. He joined the company in 2018, where he quickly progressed in different commercial roles.

He now heads up the Sales department at Clausematch focusing on accelerating the adoption across commercial propositions for enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses: NeoBanking, FinTech, Insurance, and Investment Management.

Before working at Clausematch, Freddie worked in commercial roles at Silverfin, Ogilvy, and Loreal. Freddie is also an industry thought leader. He is a frequent speaker at podcasts and webinars, regularly contributes to whitepapers and writes blog posts that are important to compliance professionals.