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The NFT Workshop: Marketing Your NFT

Minting, marketplaces, and making it work

Creating NFTs has its challenges, but many underestimate the importance of one crucial stage: the minting and marketplace of your NFT.

NFTs are a remarkably community-driven field, meaning the marketing, minting, and management of your project can have a massive impact on its potential success. With a vast choice of marketplaces with varying degrees of suitability, many NFT creators are forced to ask a host of questions. Which platform best suits my NFT? What fees will I incur? And for the eco-conscious amongst us, what carbon footprint can I expect my work to accrue? And when it comes to building a community, many are left bewildered by the brave new world of web3.

In part two of our NFT Workshop series, our hosts, Head of Blockchain Will Foulkes, Head of Legal Operations Jay Smith, and CEO and Founder Alice Stephenson, speak with Thomas McAlpine and William Askew of Kryptoria.

Leveraging NFTs, Web 3.0 world-building, and an impressive community, Kryptoria is designed to chronicle the shifting landscape of Web 3.0 technologies. The unique nature of this project means Thomas and William have particularly fascinating insights on the minting and marketing of these spaces. 

Hosted by

Will F

Will Foulkes
Head of Blockchain at Stephenson Law

Associate Director and Head of Blockchain, Will Foulkes is an accomplished solicitor with expertise in blockchain, cryptoassets and AI. With a passion for emerging technologies, coupled with the legal knowledge to consider the legal intricacies of modern tech, Will offers a unique perspective on the world of blockchain.

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Alice Stephenson
Founder and CEO of Stephenson Law

Alice Stephenson is the CEO and founder of Stephenson Law, an award-winning legal services provider challenging the old-guard of the legal profession. Working tirelessly to platform the human side of law, Alice is a tattooed entrepreneur amidst an archaic industry, on a mission to reinvigorate the profession, one Tik Tok at a time.


Jay Smith
Head of Legal Operations at Stephenson Law

Lawyer turned Legal Engineer, Jay offers a unique insight on the world of legal tech, offering an intimate understanding of today’s modern technologies, underpinned by a keen understanding of their legal complexities. A passionate advocate for the tech of tomorrow, Jay’s expert insights are as invaluable as they are cutting-edge.


Thomas McAlpine
Co-Founder of Kryptoria

Thomas's passions for the Web 3.0 and NFT space led to the founding of Kryptoria, a semi-dystopian parallel universe leveraging the advances of blockchain technology. As Co-Founder of Kryptoria Thomas is no stranger to the world of NFTs, and understands first-hand what it takes to make a project that works.


William Askew
Co-Founder at Kryptoria

With a background in crypto and investing, William's experience has brought him to where he is today, as the co-founder of Kryptoria, and a pioneer for Web 3.0. Through Kryptoria Will hopes to bring the innovations of Web 3.0 to the masses and works hard to build trust in this rapidly evolving space.