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Fintech and the Future

What we can expect in 2022

If recent years have confirmed anything, it’s that life is becoming deeply intertwined with the digital realm. But what does this mean for the legacy of finance? The world moves further from cash and coins with each day, leaving many to wonder, what’s behind this financial revolution?

The answer? Fintech.  

Advances in fintech have ballooned in recent years, equipping consumers with neobanks, robo-advisers, and buy now pay later solutions that take the fuss out of day-to-day transactions. But these advances show no signs of slowing down, with 2022 being earmarked as the year of the fintech revolution.   

The developments in fintech are now going beyond financial institutions, embedding themselves in our every day. From ordering a cab to affording our first home, fintech has become a vehicle through which finances pass from hand to hand without a second thought. Not only that, but these innovations offer a new lease of life for businesses who, at one point, were at risk of fading into the past. And yet, this new lease of life is not without its challenges... 

Hosted by Head of Fintech Anna Przewoznik and Head of Finreg Gareth Malna, this webinar will offer a closer look into the “Fintech Trends of 2022”, a report which featured industry insights from Natwest, Curve, and many others.

Curious about the fintech revolution that lies ahead? Then join us on the 27th of January at 11am for a window into the future. 

Fintech and the Future

Hosted by

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Anna Przewoznik
Head of Fintech

With an impressive and colourful career in law, Anna is a Legal 500 ranked solicitor and an expert in Fintech related matters.

Described by the Legal 500 as “detail focused, but not at the exclusion of the bigger picture,” Anna is the legal go-to when it comes to advancements in Fintech, emboldened by her expertise in technology, data protection, consumer protection and regulatory matters.  

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Gareth Malna
Head of Finreg

A financial services Jedi-master, Gareth brings a wealth of experience (pun intended) across a broad spectrum of the regulatory perimeter. Gareth’s wide-ranging expertise includes providing regulatory advice to financial services businesses including banks, asset managers, investment platforms, payment service providers and other FCA regulated businesses. 
With a unique ability to bring financial regulation to life (you heard that right) Gareth is at the epicentre of developments in the FinReg space, and a passionate solicitor when it comes to realising the ambitions of his clients.