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The A to Z of NFTs

Create and run a successful NFT project. 

2021 has been the year of the NFT.

The saga began in March of this year, when infamous arthouse Christie’s sold an NFT for a whopping $69 million, causing an industry-wide ripple effect that landed NFTs at the front and centre of the global conversation. Since then we’ve watched tweets sell for millions, films garner the price of mansions, and trading cards make an international come-back.

An industry ripe for creative use, the field has seen inputs from Rick and Morty producer Justin Roiland, global music star, Steve Aoki, and now, many household names are realising the opportunity. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, F1 Racing and Nike have joined the NFT revolution, with many global brands realising that NFTs are the future.

Despite this, the field is relatively new, with NFTs exploding in popularity so rapidly that when it comes to the successful management of an NFT project, there are limited experts in the field. When it comes to the A to Z of NFTs, there are only a few industry experts available to outline what a truly successful project looks like in the crypto space, resulting in a litany of NFTs simply destined to fail.

In this webinar we speak with the experts leading the NFT wave, including Stephenson Law Head of Blockchain Will Foulkes, Founder of Vault Hill, Jimi Daodu , NFTU CIO Alexander Golombeck, and Women in Blockchain Host Lavinia D. Osbourne.

Our experts will outline what makes a successful NFT, and how you can create a winning crypto strategy.

The A to Z of NFTs

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Will Foulkes
Associate Director & Head of Blockchain of Stephenson Law 

Senior Solicitor and Head of Blockchain, Will Foulkes is an accomplished solicitor with expertise in blockchain, cryptoassets and AI.

With a passion for emerging technologies, coupled with the legal knowledge to consider the legal intricacies of modern tech, Will offers a unique perspective on the world of blockchain.


Alexander Golombeck
Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer at NFTU 

The CIO of NFTU, Alex Golombeck is reshaping the NFT ecosystem with an end-to-end approach that allows digital art to thrive.

An expert in the cryptocurrency and financial sector, Alex has a passion for individual empowerment, the arts, and pushing the boundaries of blockchain. At the epicentre of developments in the NFT space, Alex and the NFTU team are the tour de force when it comes to NFT advancements.


Lavinia Osborne
Host of Women in Blockchain

Lavinia is the award-winning host and founder of Women in Blockchain Talks. With a background in financial wellness, she brings with her a desire to uplift individuals financially, professionally, and personally, giving those in her community a new way of thinking about their money, career, and life opportunities.
Women in Blockchain Talks is a "social impact" company and with their "50k Women into Blockchain by 2023", Lavinia is on a mission to decrease the gender gap in Blockchain technology, tech, and entrepreneurship in a whole.

Jimi Daodu
CEO of Vaulthill

As the Founder of Vault Hill, Jimi Daodu is the brains behind an extended reality blockchain-based metaverse. With a design to “make you feel more human”, Jimi’s crypto ambitions have seen him create something truly incredible, and his experience both as a founder and as a blockchain expert imbue him with a wealth of NFT knowledge backed by lived experience.